• Calling Out Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect

    Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect, I took my two kids to see Dude Perfect Live last night. While the show was fine, I'll have to say that I was incredibly disappointed to hear Tyler Toney preach Christianity at the end and both my kids are really upset about it. Not...

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  • The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America by Carol Anderson

    I first learned about this book on NPR.  It is an essential read!   Most Americans who rally for the second amendment are not aware of its history.  As Carol Anderson points out, the Second Amendment was initially created to protect the rights of state militias.  Why?  Because those militias hunted...

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  • Undisclosed — The Best Alien Visitation Documentary I’ve Seen

    Alien Visitation is No Longer a Secret I watch many documentaries and read throughout the day.  It is very rare for me to learn something that totally blew my mind.  Dr. Steven Greer is on a quest to get as much information as possible on US government programs related to...

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  • Fixing Portland: A Special Report

    Solutions for Portland and Other US Cities Below is a letter that I wrote to the Portland City Council.  Portland has been in the news these past several months and many of the images show run down streets, out of control homelessness, trash, rioting, vandalism, and more.  Unfortunately, much of...

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  • Mad Dog McCarthy TAUGHT Mad Dog Trump

    How McCarthyism Became Common Republican Tactics After President Harry Truman, who was famous for working with black people at the start of the Civil Rights Movement, Americans elected Republican Dwight Eisenhower as president. Eisenhower, surprisingly, continued the fight for civil rights by passing the Civil Rights Act. This angered many...

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