• You Paid Taxes. Corporations Didn’t! Now Schools and Non-Profits Don’t Have Funding!

    Corporations Force the Middle Class to Pay for Everything A very common belief is that our country is struggling financially. If you asked a random individual, they'd probably agree that we simply don't have enough money to fund the schools, fix the roads, feed the homeless, save the environment, provide...

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  • Finally! A PLAN to FIX AMERICA (That Doesn’t Suck): Part 1

    American Misery at Every Street Corner I was stopped at a red light the other day in Portland, Oregon and I saw a homeless woman dancing on the sidewalk, but there was no joy in her movements. She would dance a few steps and then become very frustrated and slap...

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  • Save Black Lives! Audit the Police

    Return the Control of Police Officers to the Citizens Who Pay Them Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times while walking back to his car by Officer Rusten Sheskey. George Floyd was killed by Officer Chauvin. Then there's Breona Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Tamir Rice, Antwon Rose...and 558 more...

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  • 5 Star Reedsy Discovery Review

    REVIEW FROM JENNIFER LOUWES OF REEDSY DISCOVERY Must read ? Current, edgy, and controversial, this book will keep you glued to its pages! A necessary read that will leave you digging for the truth. Putting politics aside, never have I read a book that has caused me to want to...

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  • Defund Congress NOW!

    Worst Congress EVER! It's not just the police that need to be defunded. Our current Congress is the worst ever. They don't care about black lives, transgenders lives, or any other life in this country. They only care about themselves. What's worse is most can't be removed from office because...

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