• Cops Killed More than 1000 People Last Year, Many Black and Unarmed

    George Floyd Wasn't the Only Unarmed Black Man Killed by Cops this Year George Floyd wasn't the only unarmed black man killed by cops this year. Did you know that, according to the advocacy group Mapping Police Violence, over a thousand people are killed by cops every single year? By...

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  • Republicans Cheat to Get Power: The Evil Plot of Gerrymandering

    Put a Box Around Your Supporters and DON'T LET THEM OUT!!! Did you know that if it weren't for gerrymandering the Republicans wouldn't have much power? It's true. Democrats would win around 60% of all races and always have control of the Presidency, Congress, and the Senate. The way that...

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  • Reward People for Good Behavior and Society WILL Be Better

    People Enjoy Rewards, Not Punishment Congress passes up to 200 new laws every year. Each state passes dozens more. Meanwhile, thousands of new regulations are added to the books...all designed to control our behavior. Our society is full of laws and rules that have clear consequences if you don't follow...

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  • No Stimulus Checks for Most Poor, Minority Americans

    Stimulus Checks Aren't Going to Where They're Needed Most As I have detailed before, the 2 trillion dollar Economic Stimulus Act is full of problems. The biggest problem is that it's sending hundreds of billions of dollars to banks and corporations that will line the pocketbooks of their shareholders. Just...

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  • COVID-19 is Killing WAY More Black People Than White

    Black People Are Already Weakened by a Racist Healthcare System COVID-19 is killing far more black people than white people in the United States. In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin black people make up 81% of the COVID-19 deaths BUT they only account for 24% of the total population! In Michigan, black...

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