Reviews for “While White Men Sleep”

5 Star Review from Reader’s Favorite

Reviewed By Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

If the current protests in Portland and Kenosha are upsetting you to the point of despair, then reading While White Men Sleep by Alderin Ordell won’t ease your mind. In fact, it will probably do the opposite as the author presents and explores what he sees as the root of America’s problems: the exploitation of all people, but especially black people, by wealthy white nationalists. In While White Men Sleep, a powerful, forward-thinking group of black women decide they’ve had enough and aren’t going to take it anymore. Led by Mandy Africa, an intelligent and eloquent speaker, they gather together in a movement called Oya, in the hopes of bringing a non-violent end to racial injustice and tyranny. Using the massive reach of YouTube, Mandy’s talks point out the incredible power of organized religions to influence thinking. As Mandy adds fuel to the justified fire she is lighting in people’s hearts, by citing the powers of corporations and the military, thousands of black people are drawn to the Oya revolution, ready and qualified to bring about needed changes. But Mandy has her heart set on this being a non-violent revolution. Is she being too idealistic in thinking this can be done without losing more lives when “Violence is as American as apple pie”?

If you’re in the mood to read a thought-provoking, controversial and violent novel with a plethora of both fictional and non-fictional characters…even Oprah and Donald Trump are featured and realistically presented…tackle While White Men Sleep. The premises behind the plot and the subsequent events that move it along are very disturbing. Expect to read what many will call conspiracy theories…until Ordell presents them through Mandy’s speeches. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about them long after you finish the book. And if you’re curious about where and how Ordell got some of his information (the book is heavily researched), visit the website he suggests in his Afterword. I’m heading over there now. I want to know more!

5 Star Review from Reedsy Discovery

Must read 🏆

Current, edgy, and controversial, this book will keep you glued to its pages! A necessary read that will leave you digging for the truth.

Alderin Ordell’s novel While White Men Sleep details Mandy Africa’s journey to tear down the white, patriarchal system that killed her mother.

It starts when Mandy attends an anti-Trump rally the night he is elected President. The streets are filled with protesters but a news crew instead focuses on a group of young, white women taking selfies. Mandy has had enough! Storming in, she gives an impassioned speech on racial inequality. Mandy’s actions, caught on film, ignite fire in the hearts of thousands and begin the biggest revolution in US history; the Oya Movement.

At first, President Donald Trump laughs off the movement. But as Oya grows, so does his impatience. He labels Oya a terrorist organization and deploys US troops to squash their rebellion, killing Mandy’s friends.

Mandy rallies millions to follow her to Washington DC to confront Trump once and for all. She delivers a timeless speech. But Trump strikes back and Mandy makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving her life for the movement that she started.

Trump soon learns that Mandy was the just the beginning, not the end of Oya. Her sacrifice fuels the flames of rebellion, setting the stage for book two of this riveting trilogy.

Putting politics aside, never have I read a book that has caused me to want to dig into conspiracy theories and recent American history more so than this one! This is a work of fiction; but, also factual. You’ll need to decide and discern for yourself what is real and noteworthy and what has been entirely contrived and made up.

“While White Men Sleep” is a brilliant concept. It’s current and hot and should be read now! A cautionary tale, or one (in part) you may want to see come true; what side of history will you find yourself on?

The voice of our current President, Donald Trump, is replicated well. When off-script, his disparaging words are cringe-worthy at best; and, when he stays on script, there’s a sense of calmness and hope that all good speeches bring. (Thank God for speech-writers!)

This book is so realistic that you could imagine it all happening now. It’s like modern day prophecy coming true before your eyes. It’s so spot-on, that nothing within its pages is too far-fetched to believe.

The above all being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you the negative aspects of this read as well. The first half of this book has far fewer errors than the second half; but, there were enough typos, words missing from sentences, etc. as a whole that the errors almost caused me to give this book 4 stars instead of 5! A story-line of this caliber deserves to have had far better editing services rendered.

The aforementioned miss-steps are annoying and distracting; but, fortunately, don’t hold the story back from itself. In fact, I believe you’ll find the story-line, messaging, and richness of events simply too good to rate this book as anything other than 5 stars. It’s well-deserving to become a book noted for its being “A Must Read!”

It’s controversial, realistic, edge-of-your-seat reading that will cause you to think deeply, ponder many a line of thought, and dig into recent history (and current happenings) like never before. A book that will make you feel, keep you engrossed, and leave you reeling and wanting more.