Boycott the Catholic Church Until the Sexual Abuse STOPS

Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse of Children is a Real and Present Danger

If you Google “Catholic sexual abuse of children” you will find several websites that downplay the crisis. These sites suggest that there is a conspiracy within the media to sensationalize the story. Don’t be fooled! Catholic priest sexual abuse of children is prevalent in the United States and all around the world. It’s time to boycott the Catholic Church until every last victim is acknowledged and every last perpetrator jailed.

The Blind and Heartless Defense of Catholic Priests

The pro-Catholic websites that I encountered suggest that most of the abuse happened decades ago from priests who are long dead, so basically don’t worry about it. They also say that only about 7 new cases are brought forth each year in the United States (not true). They brag that only 4% of Catholic priests have been accused of any sort of sexual crime which, they argue, is lower than other institutions like schools. One website even concluded that Catholic churches are actually some of the safest places for kids to go to!

I wholeheartedly disagree! The Catholic Church represents itself of being the moral backbone of humanity. Yet, at least 4% of the priests, who graduated from THEIR seminary, are accused of sexually abusing children! That’s NUTS, SCARY, and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

On that information alone, I’d say stay away from Catholic Churches until serious changes are made. But I know that the situation is far worse than that 4% statistic suggests. For one, most children who are abused don’t ever report their crimes. In the Catholic church, I believe that even fewer of these children report their crimes because of the shame such allegation brings to their families. The Catholic Church is a PROUD organization and there just aren’t channels available within the church for children to safely report their abuse and expect help. If these children do report their abuse, I believe the church FIGHTS HARD to keep those abused children quiet, especially if the accusations land upon a high-ranking member of the church.

Based on that logic, I believe sexual crimes within the Catholic Church are GRAVELY under-reported. Still, I found these shocking statistics:

The Grand Scope of Catholic Sexual Abuse

In the United States, 70 diocese have released lists of accused priests. In Pennsylvania alone, 300 priests have been accused of abusing over a thousand children! Nationwide, that’s tens of thousands of abused children!

A similar study in Germany revealed that, since 1940, 1677 priests abused more than 3,600 children. Most of those children were boys. One in seven cases involved rape.

In Australia, 7% of all Catholic priests were accused of abusing children. They have uncovered 4500 victims and over a thousand priests that abused them!

Similar investigations have taken place in Chile, Argentina, and other European countries like Ireland. In each instance they have uncovered similar scenarios where as much as 10% of priests have been accused of abusing thousands upon thousands of children!

Catholic Priests: Never Convicted, Never Punished!

What makes this even more disturbing is the level of cover-up involved. Historically, priests that have been accused of sexual abuse don’t go to jail or are even kicked out of the church. More often than not they are counseled and then moved to another parish! Even worse, the Catholic Church doesn’t tell members of that new parish about the sexual crimes of the priest they moved there!

If a child molesting priest was moved to your local parish, you would never know about it! The Catholic Church willfully puts your children in danger to save their reputation.

Can you imagine if school teachers were treated the same way? What if a teacher who molested a child was simply moved to another school? Your school. Would you stand for it? No, of course not!

What if it was your child’s doctor? How would you feel if a hospital knowingly hired a child molester to be your child’s doctor? If you are like me, you would fight until that hospital was either shut down or every person responsible for the decision to hire that doctor was fired.

So, why do we give the Catholic Church a pass on this? Why do we knowingly put our children in danger? The answer is a sick and disturbing comment on human psychology. We have this tendency to trust people in authority. When they put on a uniform or a robe or a suit we tend to believe them more. The Catholic Church has established themselves as the ultimate moral authority of the world with more money and resources than any other institution. Because of that, it is very difficult for us to stand up against them. It is very difficult for us to question them. But not only should we question them, we MUST question them and DEMAND a change in their behaviors and policies.

Boycott the Catholic Church Until Every Victim is Acknowledged

I believe the most prudent step in addressing the Catholic sex abuse crisis is to immediately boycott the Catholic Church. Every Catholic should stop attending mass until every single instance of sexual abuse has been investigated and all guilty priests have been sent to jail.

If Catholics themselves do not boycott the Catholic Church, the church will continue to downplay and cover up these sexual crimes. As a Catholic, you are owed transparency. You should be guaranteed a safe place to bring your family to worship. Until the Catholic Church can guarantee your family’s safety, you MUST BOYCOTT. At the end of the day, it is your moral responsibility! And the rest of us should support Catholics in their boycott of their church.

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