Calling Out Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect,

I took my two kids to see Dude Perfect Live last night. While the show was fine, I’ll have to say that I was incredibly disappointed to hear Tyler Toney preach Christianity at the end and both my kids are really upset about it.

Not all Dude Perfect fans are Christians. Many are Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Native American, etc… The fact is there are thousands of belief systems and religions in the world.

These kids from different belief systems are part of the fan base that has propelled Dude Perfect to success. Tyler Toney really let them down last night. By preaching Christianity, he separated non-Christian children from the rest of Dude Perfect fans.

That’s simply not fair to them!

Secondly, Jesus is a fictional character and I’m tired of white men using their influence to push fictional stories on children. The story of Jesus originates from Pagan myths about the sun’s travel through star constellations. The path of the sun starts at the North Star, where the Gospels say that Jesus was born. He travels through Virgo, which is the bread constellation. Bethlehem translates to House of Bread so they say Jesus grew up in Bethlehem. When the sun travels through Aquarius they say Jesus walked on water. At the end of the sun’s path, it sits on the Southern Cross for 3 days, and then it is “resurrected” as it travels back up to the North Star.

You don’t have to take my word for it. This documentary called Zeitgeist explains the Christian myth. Fast forward to minute number 11 to get to the part on Christianity.

Thirdly, Christianity has a very nefarious past. Crusades, child abuse, repression of minorities, executions, etc. Currently, it is a major component of the military-industrial complex, fueling crazy organizations like the Heritage Foundation who combine corporate greed and Christian philosophy to push a one-world vision at the expense of anyone who opposes it.

I wrote a novel about a US uprising against the military-industrial complex. It’s called While White Men Sleep. It’s critically acclaimed and available on Amazon.

The bottom line is that I challenge Tyler Toney to own up to the damage he has done to the children who look up to him. I challenge him to investigate his beliefs further before using the Dude Perfect platform to push them on others. Ultimately, I challenge Dude Perfect to make a video where Tyler apologizes to his fans.

Let me know if you’d like to continue this conversation. I’d be happy to talk, meet with anyone in your organization.

Alderin Ordell

Calling Out Tyler Toney of Dude Perfect

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