Corporate America: Sitting on Piles of Cash and Flipping You the Bird!

They Have YOUR Money!

corporate america money

In previous blog posts I wrote about how the top 1% of this country controls 60% of the nation’s resources. Well, to no one’s surprise, they are extremely rich. In fact, corporate America and the top 1% of Americans have so much money they don’t even know what to do with it!

American corporations raked in 2.3 trillion dollars in profits last year! More than they ever have! As a whole, the US raked in over 7 trillion dollars in profits of which 40% went to people making $100,000 or more.

American Corporations Are Hoarding Cash

corporate america hoarding cash

What are American corporations doing with all their profits? They’re hoarding most of it! They are sitting on huge piles of cash. They have nothing left to invest in so they are holding their money in zero interest overseas bank accounts.

What they’re not sitting on, they are reinvesting in themselves. They buy back their own stock in order to increase the value of their company and give their shareholders a huge payday.

They’re NOT Sharing with You!

Now here’s where it gets really fucked-up. American corporations refuse to invest their profits in their workers. They’re not going to increase your wages or give you a good health plan or help you save for your retirement. Why? Because in this screwball capitalist system we have created, corporations who invest in their workers and not their stocks lose profitability! Investing in people devalues their company! And when you are controlled by shareholders who only value your company by your profitability, no company is willing to forsake their shareholders for the good of their workers!

If you’re a hard working American that isn’t even paid a living wage, blame it all on American corporations who just don’t give a shit about you!

The Top 1% Are Just as Awful

living wage corporate america

Wealthy American households are also hoarding their cash. It’s popular for people who make over $100,000 to invest their excess money into asset managers who then invest that money into startups and other money making opportunities. But the top 1% of American households are also sitting on 309 billion dollars in cash!

I’ll tell you what they’re not doing with that cash — helping the homeless! They’re also not investing in their community schools. They’re not helping to fix roads. They’re not saving the environment, saving any endangered animal species, or even feeding hungry children. They are just sitting on their cash! Because they are awful people abusing an awful system!

Racism Fuels it All

There is a huge racial component to this as well. 76% of millionaires in this country are white. Specifically, they are old, white, conservative, and usually racist. It’s no surprise then that the money they make is at the expense of minorities. The bottom 10% a people in this country are 90% non-white!

The economic picture of America is rich white people using minorities to get richer. How is this not similar to slavery? At the very least it paints a distressing picture of racial and economic inequality where white people are controlling the nation’s resources and assets and not sharing with non-white people.

If You Love Your Country, BOYCOTT!

It’s time to boycott American corporations. If you’re working for Amazon or Verizon or GE or any other corporation, you are supporting the system. You are enabling them to get richer. They cannot make their money without you. So, if you want to change the system, you have to stop feeding into the system. That means quit your corporate job and go work for small businesses or even start your own.

The rest of us need to stop buying American corporate products. I know it’s hard considering that they make everything from cell phones to cheese to the clothes we wear. But we have got to take back control of our lives. We are perfectly capable of making our own clothes and harvesting our own food. We could even set up our own internet systems and create cell phones. Most importantly, we have to start buying back all of the resources that American corporations control. We need our own water, food, and electrical systems. We need to be able to take care of ourselves so we aren’t forced to play their game any more.

I believe that the power is in our hands to create this country in a way that is equitable and fair. But to do this, we have got to fight back against these white assholes sitting on piles of cash flipping us the bird. Boycott and take back control. It’s the only American thing to do.