COVID-19 Smells Like 9/11

Americans Die, the Rich Get Richer

As of today, over a thousand Americans have died from the COVID-19 virus. Most states have issued stay-at-home orders which have caused over 3 million Americans to file for unemployment. Our government’s solution? Pass a 2 trillion dollar economic stimulus package. All of this sounds eerily familiar!

Our Government is Not Here to Protect Us

On 9/11 our government did not orchestrate the attack on the World Trade Center and other locations, they allowed it to happen. There is now a documented history that shows the FBI was warned over a dozen times from various countries and other sources that there was a planned attack. But our government ignored those warnings and allowed the planes to hit anyway. Why? Just look at who benefited.

The result of the 9/11 terrorist attack was that gold traded at an extreme low, allowing investors to purchase vast quantities and sell later for big profits. Stocks also crashed and were purchased low and sold for high. At the same time military spending increased by hundreds of millions and banks received billions to provide loans. Plus, 9/11 launched the “War on Terror” that resulted in hundreds of billions of government contracts over the next couple of decades that benefited hundreds of corporations that profit from the war machine. In short, rich white Americans got much richer.

Keeping Americans Scared

To keep Americans distracted from all of this profiteering, a terror alert system was created. Some days would be yellow. Other days would be orange. If it was a red day it meant a terrorist attack could come at any moment. Of course all of this was nonsense. There was no actual terrorist planning to attack America at the time. The system was created to keep Americans scared mostly so they wouldn’t question anything.

Drawing Parallels Between 9/11 and COVID-19

Our government is definitely working hard to keep us scared about COVID-19. Every time I turn on the news I hear that coronavirus cases have doubled in this county, and tripled in this other county, and death rates are spiking in New York and Seattle. It makes me feel like the world is ending.

But the truth is only a thousand Americans have died from COVID-19. Probably several thousand more will die. But this year alone, over 40,000 Americans have died from the flu! 647,000 have died from heart disease. 606,000 have died from cancer. 79,000 have died from diabetes. The list goes on and on.

How come the flu, heart disease, or cancer are also not national disasters?

Why isn’t our government pouring billions into saving THESE Americans? The flu barely gets mentioned. The American Diabetes Association incorrectly tells diabetic patients it’s okay to eat animal fat. And research has existed for decades showing effective strategies to prevent cancer. Our government doesn’t spend much money on these disasters because they don’t REALLY care about Americans dying.

COVID-19 is about creating fear and making money.

They Saw COVID-19 Coming for WEEKS

Our government knew COVID-19 was coming for at least several weeks. When they saw the virus spreading throughout China and killing hundreds there, how come flights weren’t banned? Why did Trump laugh and joke about it? How come there wasn’t a stronger effort to isolate the first few cases in the US and stop it from spreading?

It seems to me, like the planes on 9/11, they wanted this coronavirus to hit the US. This new economic stimulus package is another huge payday for corporations, the military, and the banks. It strengthens the Military Industrial Complex. What truly scary to me is that it seems like this Military Industrial Complex is in now in charge of our country meaning they are going to keep finding ways to kill just enough Americans to scare the s*** out of us. Then they use that to justify more massive stimulus packages.

I certainly hope I’m wrong about this. I certainly hope that our government did all that they could to stop COVID-19. But when I look at the flow of money, I know they didn’t. They used it as a means to pump American corporations and banks full of money and to appease stockholders. BTW, the $1200 that each American is supposed to get from this economic package only applies to those with a social security number. All of the workers, who still pay taxes and don’t have a social security number, get NOTHING. That’s right, our government is also RACIST and doesn’t help anyone who can’t vote.

I know this is a very bleak picture of the country we all know and love. But if I’m even partially right, we have got to do everything we can to stop the Military Industrial Complex.

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