Genetically Speaking There is Only ONE HUMAN RACE

The Five Human Race Model is Pure Nonsense

Racial prejudice and discrimination is at an all-time high especially since the election of Trump as President. Over 80,000 bombing threats have been made against Jewish mosques in the last couple of years. Mass shootings continue to take place every few months with the shooters usually citing racial biases. White nationalism is at an all-time high with believers boldly protesting in cities like Portland. But what if I told you all of these racial biases we hold are only cultural constructs and have no basis in science?


Most people have bought into the five race model which states there are Asians, Europeans, Native Americans, Oceania, and Africans. But the idea of five human races is pure nonsense. When you look at the genetics of being human, there just isn’t very much that separates one person from the next no matter where they live OR WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!

The five race model is based on the idea that there are a large enough genetic differences between people of different geographic regions to be able to separate them into different racial categories. However, when you compare a person from one geographic region to another person of another geographic region, the genetic differences are incredibly small. But within a geographical region, like Europe, genetic differences can be quite LARGE.

This means you may be more GENETICALLY SIMILAR to someone who lives on the other side of the world and looks and speaks different than your next door neighbor who has the same skin and hair color as you!!

Here’s why.

Genetic Differences Within the Same Geographic Region

Science has discovered that there isn’t any one way that any geographic group thinks, behaves, looks or believes. They have concluded that similarities within those categories are cultural and not genetic. Genetically speaking, there is no uniform geographic racial identity.

For example, when it comes to hair, every human has the SAME GENES that code for hair. The differences in hair color come from alleles. There are 4000 alleles for every gene. That means that there are 4000 possible expressions for those genes. These alleles create the differences in hair color, skin color, height, weight, and eye color that we see geographically. But these alleles account for an INCREDIBLY SMALL portion of our total genetic makeup!

Just because someone has different hair color, skin color, or is taller or shorter, does not mean GENETICALLY they are very different from you!

Blame Racial Discrimination On Our Eyes (And Low Intelligence)

When it comes to understanding people, our eyes do us an injustice. We see differences in skin color, hair color, and other body characteristics and we assume that those differences must be significant. Based on the differences that we see, we group people together, make stereotypes and assumptions, all in our brain’s pathetic effort to organize the vast information of nearly seven billion individual people on our planet.

Basically, our brain can’t handle 7 billion separate profiles. So it cheats. It groups. It labels. And our culture gives significance, either good or bad, to those labels. “Asians are like this. Caucasians are like that. Africans like to eat…” These gross stereotypes do not have any basis in reality!

If separate races actually existed, we would find genes or alleles that were specific to that race. Meaning if we decoded someone from Hawaii (Oceania) and compared their DNA to someone from Europe, we would expect to see a large set of genes or alleles that were specific to those regions. But we don’t. What we see instead is that humans are 99% SIMILAR to one another no matter where they live and only about 1% of the TOTAL population has alleles that are specific to any given region. This one percent of alleles is significant enough to say we are not exactly the same as one other, but it is NOT SIGNIFICANT ENOUGH to say that we have five different races.


There’s so much ambiguity between the races and so much variation within the races, that the only real truth to hang your hat on is that there are no races at all. The differences in the colors and sizes that we see between people just doesn’t really matter when it comes down to who they are as people.

That means that all of this racial violence is cultural. The problem is the lies we receive from our parents, neighbors, churches, media and our government about people who look different from us. The problem is the existing power structures, like white nationalism, that are built upon racial discrimination. All of these lies are incredibly toxic. They poison our mind. They poison our heart. And the result is violence. The only solution is a total change in our worldly Zeitgeist that begins with revealing the genetic truth about race (which is what I have just done).

At some point, we all have to realize WE ARE THE SAME!

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