OJ Simpson Probably Played Golf Today and I’m Fine With That

He Did It But He’s NOT GUILTY

OJ Simpson was released from jail a couple years ago after serving nine years for armed robbery. The first thing he did when he got out was play golf, which is probably what he’s doing today. He killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. BUT, the verdict the jury reached was the CORRECT ONE.  He’s NOT GUILTY.  Let me explain.

OJ Definitely Did It

First, let’s establish that OJ did it. Prior to her murder, OJ had a history of abusing Nicole Simpson. He would beat her, lock her in the closet, rape her and beat her, scream and yell, demean, name call and many other variations. Nicole Simpson called 9-1-1 multiple times to report OJ in a rage and often said she feared for her life. That’s all well documented. OJ was even convicted of domestic abuse. He planned and played in a celebrity golf tournament for his sentenced community service!

The abuse was finally too much for Nicole Simpson. She separated from OJ. Came back. But ultimately divorced him and dated other men. Younger, better looking men than OJ. Marcus Allen was one of them. This was too much for OJ so he showed up at her house in another rage but this time he killed her. And Ron Goldman. This escalation in violence is common in domestic abuse cases. “If I can’t have her, nobody can,” is a common sentiment from abusers.

Next, the murder scene was full of evidence that proved OJ’s guilt. He had deep defensive wounds on his hands. His blood was all over the crime scene. The shoes that tracked Nicole and Ron’s blood through the crime scene were expensive, rare shoes (only 270 pairs in existence).  OJ was photographed wearing those shoes multiple times.

After OJ was acquitted, he was paid $700,000 to co-write a book titled, If I Did It. Creepy as hell. It was him talking about how he would have killed Nicole and Ron had he actually done it. The book was a confession.

There is absolutely no doubt that OJ murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. But the jury made the right decision in his case. Here’s why.

The Jury Made the Right Decision

During the trial, a poll was conducted and over three-quarters of black people believed that OJ Simpson was innocent. Over three-quarters of white people believed that OJ was guilty. Why such a discrepancy?

From the white person’s perspective, OJ was clearly guilty. White people took into account all of the evidence that I just mentioned and it was an easy conclusion. White people had a very hard time understanding why so many black people believed OJ was innocent.

Here is my take. Black people believe that that OJ was innocent because the Los Angeles Police Department had a history of profiling, abuse, evidence planting and harassment toward the black community. Many, many black people had been unfairly targeted, arrested and jailed for crimes that they did not commit. In 1965 the black community rioted in the Watts Riots because of this issue.  But nothing changed.  The four police officers who savagely beat Rodney King were acquitted. A black teenage girl was killed by a convenience shop owner and the owner served NO JAIL TIME.  Plus SO MANY other horrible instances.

The LAPD and many other police departments across the US are RACIST. So is the criminal justice system in Los Angeles and just about everywhere else.

Now let’s talk about Mark Furhman. Furhman should have NEVER been on the scene. He once asked for early pension from the LAPD because he didn’t trust himself because enjoyed hurting black people. Said he liked breaking their arms and legs. Wished they all were dead. He SAID THAT! The LAPD refused his request and kept him employed.

Mark Furhman was the first on the scene at OJ’s murder. I think he went to OJ’s bedroom and found the infamous gloves that Nicole bought for OJ previously but he NEVER WORE THEM because they DIDN’T FIT. Then Furhman dipped those gloves in blood, dumped one by the bodies and the other outside. He also splattered OJ’s blood here and there to enhance the case against OJ. I think he later returned to the scene and planted EVEN MORE of OJ’s blood.

But the prosecution should have known or suspected this! OJ had defensive wounds on BOTH his hands including a huge gash to his thumb. The gloves were intact. Let me repeat that:



Besides the evidence planting, the LAPD also sent incompetent crime scene investigators who cross-contaminated evidence. But even if Mark Furhman didn’t plant evidence and the crime scene investigators did an OK job, OJ STILL SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CONVICTED!

The racist criminal justice system in Los Angeles did not have the right to convict OJ Simpson. OR ANY OTHER BLACK MAN, WOMAN or OTHER MINORITY.

Again, I am not saying that OJ is innocent. What I’m saying is that OJ deserved a fair trial. Being tried in a biased and racist system violates the constitutional rights of minorities.

The jury had no choice but to declare OJ Simpson innocent.

The US Criminal Justice System is STILL Racist

Did the LAPD and the criminal Justice system learn from their mistakes in OJ? NO! They are still targeting and abusing black people in the Los Angeles area. Police departments all across this country are doing the same.

When OJ Simpson got arrested for armed robbery, they sentenced him to 33 years! There was no way his sentence was proportionate to his crime. But, the corrupt and racist criminal justice system decided to take their revenge and give him an unfair sentence. This shows me that they haven’t learned anything at all!

OJ Simpson is free now and is most likely playing golf. He hasn’t spent one minute of his freedom helping the homeless, volunteering at a food shelter, setting up charities to help people, or searching for the “real killers.” He is a sociopath. His life’s focus is himself. He is a terrible man. He is a killer. But more than that, he is an amplifier of everything that is wrong in our criminal justice system.

I don’t think any black man or woman or minority in this country should be convicted of another crime until the system is fixed. It is time for serious and comprehensive reform.  As far as I’m concerned, OJ should remain free until there is reform.  If reform finally happens, then please ARREST HIS ASS and PUT HIM BEHIND BARS WHERE HE BELONGS.

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