Ooops! The Government Stole Your Invention

Spill the Beans and You’ll Go to Jail!

Imagine you’re an inventor and you just invented something really cool. Something revolutionary. Like the ability to make a torch that’s powered by water. Or a car that runs on magnets. Thinking that you’re about to change the world, you apply for a patent and get one but then then you’re told you can’t tell anyone or you’ll go to jail! The government has stolen your invention using “government secrecy orders.” It happens all the time!

Protecting National Security

As of 2017 there are 5184 patents that nobody can see. They are all held under these government secrecy orders. So what is this all about?

Invention secrecy dates back to the 1930’s. It really took off in the 1940’s during World War II. The idea is the government needs to protect national security and some inventions are a threat to national security (like inventing a nuclear warhead…). But since the 1940’s, these secrecy orders have been used for other reasons.

Special Treatment from the Military Industrial Complex

It has to do with the military industrial complex. The corporations that are winning government contracts are being given protections under this secrecy act. We don’t know exactly what types of technology are being repressed by the military, but much of it is has to do with building better batteries and more efficient fuel sources.

There was one example of a man who is able to power his truck using magnets. Then he was able to power a big rig using magnets. He theorized he could even power a rocket using this technology. He said there were no limits! He was served a cease-and-desist order by the government under secrecy orders. He can’t speak one word about it anymore.

Is a magnet powered vehicle a threat to US security? No. But it is a threat to automakers. It is a threat to tank makers. It’s a threat to rocket makers. And the government is protecting their interests.

Examples of Repressed Technology

It’s rumored the government has repressed technology similar to Tesla coils. These Tesla coils can transport electricity through the air. That means electricity can be broadcast through giant towers and given away for free, just like a radio signal. With this technology, all of our cars, houses, phones, and appliances could be powered by free electricity floating in the air. Our government doesn’t like that. It is a direct threat to numerous electrical and oil companies they are contracted with. So, they’ve repressed the technology.

In the case of the man who was able to create a torch using only water, he’s not the only one to have hydrogen-based technology repressed by the government. There was once a a speedboat driver who was winning most of his races. It turns out he had developed an engine in his speed boat that ran only on hydrogen from water. It ran better and more efficiently than the gas base speed boats. The government cracked down on him and he’s no longer able to use his hydrogen powered speed boat. Why, because the oil lobby is very strong!

Chocolate Covered Ice Cream is a Threat to National Security

Every year some of the repressed patents from decades ago are revealed to the public. About 54 a year. Some of these patents were for a stronger net and for chocolate-covered ice-cream. I’m not kidding! Is a stronger net or technology to cover ice cream in chocolate a threat to national security? Of course not!! But chocolate covered ice cream could have been a threat to the profits of Nestle or some other candy company contracted to provide treats for the soldiers. A better net might have competed with the net company contracted with the government. So, poof! These inventions were repressed. Nothing the inventors could do about it!

Still Happening Today

For every 54 patents a year that are released from the past, approximately 117 more are created repressing even more technology. So, that 5184 number of repressed patents grows year after year.

The fact of the matter is we cannot trust our government to be doing what’s best for the US citizen when they are contracted with American corporations who are only loyal to making profits. It’s a conflict of interest. The government is using its power to suppress technology in order to benefit corporate profits.

We, the American people, have the right to invent technology and use it for our own benefit. It should not be the right of our government to repress our inventions unless they are legitimately a threat to US security. At the very least, this power to repress technology needs to be put through a system of checks and balances. Like a non-partisan review board.

This is another example of the military-industrial complex that’s gotten totally out of control. If these secrecy orders weren’t in place, I believe that Americans would be driving magnet or hydrogen powered vehicles, they would be getting their electricity for free through the air, we’d all be using environmentally friendly batteries, and many of our social and economic problems would be solved. There might be a lot of American corporations out of business but who cares? This country is about us and not them.