Republicans are NOT Fiscally Conservative (They Never Have Been)

Fiscally Conservative Means You SPEND CAREFULLY NOT RECKLESSLY

I often talk to Republicans. Many of them are unfortunately related. They don’t like it but I challenge them constantly on their beliefs, especially their idea that the Republicans are conservative. Many Republicans cite “fiscal conservativism” as a main reason why they vote for Republicans. They have been sold on this idea that Democrats spend like crazy on social programs, handouts to the poor with no accountability, abortion clinics, etc. Meanwhile, they believe that Republicans only spend on what’s necessary and strive for a balanced budget. But the reality is Republicans spend more than Democrats! Especially Trump. Here is how the numbers break down.

It’s a Strong Economy, We Should be Paying Our Debts

First off, let’s establish the fact that joblessness is near an all time low and we currently have a strong economy. So, our leaders should be able to pay off some debits, reduce the deficit, and work toward a balanced budget. But they’re not. Under Trump, there has been a massive spending increase. He has given out HUGE tax cuts to the rich to the tune of 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. He raised military spending 80 billion in 2018 and 85 billion in 2019 (is he preparing for another war?). The last budget Trump passed raised the US deficit from 2.8% in 2017 to 4.7% in 2019! Not only is Trump overspending, he’s spending more than any other President before him!

The Republican Party BACKS Trump on all this spending. Many have come forward to say that they will extend the Trump tax cuts beyond the 10 year expiration date. Why wouldn’t they? Republicans leaders tend to be RICH. The tax cuts benefit them the most.

Republican leaders have also shown that all the other issues that surround Trump (like cutting back on environmental regulations, imprisoning and abusing child immigrants, cutting back on laws that protect GLBTQ people and other minorities, his constant lying, his refusal to release his tax returns, etc.) DON’T MATTER to THEM. As long as they are making money, THEY DON’T CARE.  These same Republicans are currently eliminating primary elections in their states so that Trump can secure the Republican presidential nomination with no challenger.

Why Does This Spending Matter?

According to the Congressional Budget Office, “rising interest costs associated with all this debt increases interest payments to foreign debt holders and thus REDUCES the INCOME of US households.” That means we all make LESS and pay MORE for the things we need.  Basically, the more money that is borrowed, the higher the rate of inflation.  That means that our money becomes less valuable.

There isn’t a trickle down effect to Republican spending, either. All the rich white people who get Trump’s tax cuts DO NOT reinvest it into our economy. Why? Because if they run a corporation like most do, SPENDING decreases CORPORATE PROFITABILITY which LOWERS their company’s value. In other words, the more profit on their books, the more money their company is worth, the higher their stock value, and the greater the dividends to their investors.  American corporations are SITTING on more money than they ever have before.  Trillions of dollars just sitting in bank accounts because they don’t want to spend it and loss company value.

The bottom line is corporations and the the white, rich Republican men that run them, DON’T CARE ABOUT US!!!

Republicans are NOT Fiscally Conservative

If you vote for Republicans because you think they will curb government spending and put this country back on track, you are WRONG. They are reckless in their spending and it is costing all of us! So, before you vote in this election, take some time to do some research. All of these old adages and stereotypes regarding Republicans are wrong. They only care about their bottom lines, not the people of this country and certainly not its future.

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