The German Coast Slave Massacre and White Christian Hypocrites

They Wore Crosses As They Slaughtered Black People

I’ll bet you never heard of the German Coast Massacre. It was the largest slave uprising in the United States. It’s not prominently taught in schools because white Christians mostly control the school agenda and it makes them look REALLY BAD. They decapitated black people and stuck their heads on pikes! I’m not kidding! Hundreds of black heads lining the banks of the Mississippi River…

Huddled Masses Yearning To Be Free

On January 8th, 1811 a group of slaves at the Andre Plantation in Louisiana started the German Coast Uprising. They killed one of the plantation owners and seriously wounded the other. They then marched along the German Coast of the Mississippi River toward New Orleans. Along the way, they freed more slaves from other plantations until as many as 500 slaves marched for freedom.

A volunteer militia of mostly slave owners and their neighbors soon hunted them. Take a moment to imagine this militia. All white men, all Christians, guns in hand, pursuing the escaped slaves.

When the militia caught up with the slaves, there was no negotiation. They opened fire. Regular troops had been ordered to confront the slaves.  But the local militia took it upon themselves to attack. They blasted and killed 45 of the slaves who were only armed with hand tools. The rest scattered into swamps and anywhere else they could hide.

Not satisfied with the blood that they had already spilled, the militia pursued the slaves. They eventually caught Charles Deslondes, who was the leader of the revolt from the Andre Plantation. As punishment, they cut off his hands, shot him through both thighs, broke his bones, then put him on straw and burnt him alive! They wanted to make sure that the other captured slaves could hear his screams of absolute torture and agony before it was their turn. Just like in the Bible, right?

Over the next several weeks, the hunt continued. Most of the escaped slaves were captured. They were given fake trials with the white Christian judge always ruling for their execution. Some were hung. Others were killed by firing squad. One 13 year old boy was forced to watch other slaves being killed and then received thirty lashes. I think Jesus did the same thing to a 13 year old boy. Pretty sure that’s where they got it from…

But these white Christian men STILL weren’t done. After executing the slaves, they cut their heads off! Now imagine that! A bunch of white Christian men sawing or loping the heads off of black corpses so that they could stick the heads on pikes up and down the German Coast. They wanted the message to be clear to other slaves: don’t rise up against the white man again.

Not Taught in Schools

In our modern society, mostly white Christian men set the school curriculum. That’s why this massacre is mostly ignored in history books (along with most black history). It illustrates the absolute brutality and savageness of the white Christian slave owners, their neighbors, the local government, and law enforcement.

These slave plantations were in Christian parishes. Every Sunday white folks put on their best clothing to go to church and profess their love for Jesus. Then they would return to the slave plantations.


Modern Christian Hypocrites

Hypocrisy in Christianity is nothing new. The German Coast Slave Uprising and massacre certainly illustrates a key moment of this hypocrisy. But throughout history Christians have professed to be vessels of God’s love while at the same time acting in incredibly brutal ways. The Crusades certainly come to mind to illustrate this point. But most wars, especially in the US, were started by white Christian men. And they are the architects of the military industrial complex, which is DESTROYING third world countries through World Bank Loans. Millions have died from these policies.

Even in our modern society, Christians market themselves as having the higher moral ground. Yet, they elect men like Donald Trump. They ban Muslims. They kick gay people out of their homes. They deny rights to Hispanic people. They lock up migrant children in camps and treat them worse than animals. They put fluoride in the water of minorities to make them dumb and aggressive. They deny loans. Deny college applications. Unfairly arrest and imprison. They plant evidence. They beat and kill innocent people. Starve others through their policies. The list goes on and on. They’re not modern slave owners anymore. But white supremacy and tyranny continues as white-head-chopper-junior and white-head-chopper-the-third are attacking colored people in much more subtle and more devastating ways.

We should be teaching the German coast slave uprising and massacre prominently in our schools. We should be teaching all of black history that usually involves white tyranny destroying their lives in one way or another. Our history books should clearly illustrate the true nature of white Christians in our country. Then maybe we could take a cold, hard look at the white Christian men currently in power.

Don’t even get me started on what they did to Native Americans.  That’s another blog post…

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