The Weaponized Christian Myth Wielded by the Christian Right

Fake Stories Used to Control Behavior and Manipulate Emotions

The next presidential race is upon us and already far-right Christians are using their religion to attack. I’ve seen several videos that attack Democrats, question their faith, accuse them of religious crimes and more. There is no validity to these attacks. And furthermore there is no validity to Christianity. It’s all just a myth that has been weaponized to the peril of our country and this world.

Christianity is Mythology

Here are the main reasons why Christianity is a myth:

1) The Gospels of Jesus are not a historic account. They are a Pagan story about the sun’s path through star constellations. Early cultures identified constellations of stars by what they looked like. Aquarius looked like a child bearing water. Leo looked like a lion. Virgo was a virgin. In all, the Zodiac identified 12 of these major constellations broken into four quadrants. At the center of the Zodiac chart was a cross with a circle identifying the sun. The sun, with all of its protective and life-giving benefits, was seen as an omni-benevolent man and often called the “son of God” and here you’ve got the roots of Christian philosophy.

You’ve also got the Christian cross that Christians love to wear as necklaces.  No, the Christian cross isn’t the cross that Jesus was supposedly crucified on.  Why? Because they didn’t crucify people on crosses back then.  They used “Ts” (much easier to make).  The circle in the middle of the cross, the sun, appeared on early Christian churches but was edited out.

Now here’s how the Gospels line up with the Zodiac.  The star in the East is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and on December 24th it aligns with the three stars of Orion’s belt called now, and also ancient times, the three kings. Sirius and the three kings point to the sun’s rise on December 25th. You have to ‘follow’ the star in the East to be pointed to the sunrise (son rise). The virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo, also referred to as the house of bread because it is visible during harvest time. Bethlehem literally translates to ‘house of bread.’ During the winter solstice, the sun is at its lowest point and literally sits for three days in the vicinity of the Southern Cross constellation. Therefore, it’s said in the Bible that the ‘son’ died on the cross for three days and then was resurrected.

This is why the Gospels of Jesus, and so many other Gods, share the same story! Yes, there are more!

2) The Gospels of Jesus are not unique. There are at least 27 versions of the Gospels that predate the four that appear in the Bible. Some of these versions go back thousands of years, way before Jesus would have ever lived. For example, the Egyptians identified the sun God as Horus. In their myth, Horus was born on December 25th, born of a virgin, his birth was accompanied by the star in the East, and upon his birth he was adored by three kings. At the age of 12, he was a prodigal son teacher, baptized at the age of 30, and thus began his ministry. He traveled with 12 disciples and performed miracles like walking on water and healing the sick. People referred to Horus as the Lamb of God and the Good Sheppard. He was betrayed by Tiphon, crucified, dead for three days and then was resurrected. Does that sound familiar?

This son of God story has been repeated in many cultures. In 1200 BC in Greece he was called Attis, also born on December 25th, born of a virgin, dead for three days, then resurrected. In 900 BC he was called Krishna, also born of a virgin with a star in the east, performed miracles with his disciples, then died and was resurrected. In 500 BC in Greece he was called Dionysus, also born of a virgin on December 25th, performed miracles, referred to as the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, upon his death he was resurrected. Then there was Mythra of Persia, same details as the rest and he was worshiped on Sundays. There are 26 of these sun God characters that predate the story of Jesus. By my count, Jesus is just number 27!

3) The Bible has a BIG Paul problem. For those who don’t know, Paul was the guy who set up the early Christian churches. He wrote most of the New Testament including Galatians, Ephesians, and Romans, which were letters he wrote to his early churches. Here’s the problem: Paul NEVER MENTIONS THE DETAILS OF THE GOSPELS IN THOSE LETTERS! He never mentions Jesus’ 12 apostles. He never mentions that Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and nights. He never mentions that Jesus walked on water, brought Lazarus back to life, or rode a donkey into Jerusalem.

Here’s the big kicker: Paul never mentions that Jesus was crucified and resurrected right outside of Jerusalem!  Don’t you think Paul would have visited Golgotha or Calvary if he knew Jesus died there?

Paul not knowing the details of Jesus’ life as written in the Gospels PROVES that the Gospels didn’t exist when Paul was alive.  That fact coincides with carbon dating of the oldest known version of the Gospels, Luke, which didn’t come out until decades after Paul was executed. Logically, Paul’s letters prove that the Gospels of Jesus are not historical. If the Gospels are not historical, not provable, then how can Jesus be real?

228 Million Christians are NOT LISTENING

Try telling the 228 million Christians in the United States, about 70% of the total population, that Christianity is mythology. They have “faith” that what they believe is true. Facts and logic don’t phase them.

Mostly I’m okay with people believing in whatever the hell they want to believe.  There is a Christian left that includes Presbyterian Churches that are inclusive, welcoming of everyone. They focus on healing families and community service projects. You can be any color and any sexuality and be welcomed at these churches. I support any religion or organization that focuses on love and building community. In my opinion, Presbyterians and other similar denominations, are pretty good at evaluating information and making good choices when it comes to politics.

BUT, then you’ve got the Christian Right or the Radical Right. Catholics and Baptists and Methodists. They are the ones who have weaponized the Christian myth. They make the videos that attack gays, attack minority members of Congress, attack Democrats, REALLY attack Hillary Clinton, and spread the message that somehow Trump is misunderstood and unfairly attacked by the “liberal media” with “fake news.” To them, Christianity, white nationalism, and conservative politics are all the same. The white men in charge will do anything, say anything to accumulate more power, resources and money as they pursue their quest to convert every last person on earth to their religion.

This Christian Right has been around for hundreds of years. They invaded Muslim countries and forced conversion under the threat of death during the Crusades. They invaded Mayan territories and destroyed their holy places and burnt their sacred manuscripts. Christopher Columbus enslaved and killed Native Americans. Then the Christian Church built missions throughout the New World to expand territory, resulting in the murder of hundreds of thousands more Native Americans.

More recently, the Christian Right has used their beliefs to own slaves, fight a woman’s right to own land and vote, fight civil rights, fight gay rights, discriminate against blacks, and so much more. They are the authors of the Military Industrial Complex which spreads GLOBALISM to the detriment of third world countries. They have also started every US war. They have the blood of MILLIONS on their hands.

So, why don’t we stop calling them Christians and call them what they are: TERRORISTS.

In fact, it is UNCANNY how closely the Christian Right and Radical Islam resemble each other. Virtually all mass shooters cite one or the other for their justification. Both provide a foundation of hate and permission to act violently.

How do We Fight Back

This weaponized Christianity system is entrenched. Radical Right Christians own major news outlets, control police departments, own massive multi-national corporations, control conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation which sets policy for Republicans, and they control our military. I think the first step in fighting back is to label the Christian Right as terrorists and not Christians. Labeling the Christian Right as terrorists would cut-off their access to social media, which is where they recruit and radicalize.

Secondly, we need to hold them accountable. Catholic priests have raped hundreds of thousands of boys. How many have gone to jail?  None!

Dick Cheney orchestrated 9/11 and started the war on terror to fuel the military industrial complex. He’s enjoying life on an ultra-exclusive ranch in Wyoming.

Rupert Murdoch uses the media to spin and lie to Americans. This is not free speech. It is hate speech that spreads misinformation to manipulate Americans.

White Christian economic hitmen force World Bank loans on third world countries and then steal their resources when those countries default. Again, these hitmen all retire rich and happy because their work is sanctioned by the Christian Right in government.

There are thousands of other examples. Like I said, hold them all ACCOUNTABLE. Punish them for the destruction they have caused to our country and our world.

In conclusion, we as Americans have the power to change this system. But we have to ACT NOW. The radical videos will continue. The extremism will continue. The mass shootings will continue. The wars will continue. More Trumps will be elected until we stand up and say NO MORE!

In the beginning Man created God not vice versa. Jesus never existed and he certainly wouldn’t be wearing a MAGA hat!

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