This Week’s Worst Person in the Universe

Worst Person for 8/31 through 9/6 — Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway’s job as Counselor to the President from the beginning has been to lie for Donald Trump and smooth over his many blunders.  Already, she’s a despicable human being for selling out her own soul to further her political career. But this week she had an opportunity to make amends for her years of lies and manipulations and BLEW IT, making her the WORST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE.

Kellyanne’s husband, George Conway, is the found of the Lincoln Project, which is a movement of Republicans against Donald Trump.  Her own daughter has spoken out against Trump many times.  Yet despite the wisdom of her own family, Kellyanne has remained steadfast to support Trump for her own personal gain.

But this week something changed.  Kellyanne resigned from her position as Counselor to the President. Did her family finally talk some sense into her?  Maybe.  But instead of issuing an honest statement to the American people finally rebuking Donald Trump for his many, many blunders, dangerous policies, racism, chauvinism, etc. she instead kept her Republican National Convention speaking engagement.

Kellyanne looked uneasy as she got up and lied for Donald Trump one last time.  Perhaps those brief moments of discomfort were her own conscience finally showing through.  But her own conscience or family pressure did not stop her.  Her image and career were more important to her.

Kellyanne Conway will go down in history as one the most despicable human beings to ever grace Washington DC.  But this week she is the WORST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE because she had an opportunity to finally be honest and account for her blunders and she blew it!

Atonement and redemption slipped through her hands as the lies poured from her mouth one last time.

Shame on you Kellyanne Conway!