We Wouldn’t Exist Without the Tetragrammaton

The Shape that Enables Creation

Most people know the tetragrammaton as the four letter name of God found in Jewish teachings. Most scholars agree that the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton is Yahweh. But the tetragrammaton isn’t unique to the Jewish faith. It also appears in Mexico and China and a dates back thousands of years. When you separate all of the religious interpretations, the tetragrammaton is a shape and possibly the most important shape in the entire universe that makes all of creation possible.

Discovered at the SAME TIME

The tetragrammatron was discovered about 5,000 years ago by three separate cultures. Since there were no cellphones, airplanes, or even wires, these cultures had no way of talking to each other. Yet they all started worshiping the shape of the tetragrammaton. The Jews interpreted it as the symbol and name of God and believed that it’s seven separate parts were the different qualities of God. Meanwhile, the tetragrammaton also appeared in ancient Mayan scrolls. Then in China, the shape of the tetragrammaton was found under the paw of the lion that was guarding the Forbidden City.

Each culture didn’t really seem to know the meaning of the tetragrammaton. They only knew that it was very important. It was so important that they wrote about it in their ancient scrolls and protected it’s knowledge in their most important churches. They erected giant statues and forbid people from visiting those statues. Egyptians even used elements of the tetragrammaton in their designs (pyramids).

The Beauty of the Tetragrammaton

The tetragrammaton is a beautiful shape and also the most balanced shape in the universe. A beautiful shape. According to physicist Nassim Haramein it is the most important shape in the universe. In his Unified Field Theory, he says that the tetragrammaton is the only shape that is capable of balancing all the different energies of the universe. He theorizes that it is the shape of a black hole or the shape of the center of an atom. The tetragrammaton makes the function of that galaxy or that atom possible. Without the tetragrammaton, the energies would be out of balance, there would be chaos, and nothing that we see would exist.

Does this make the tetragrammaton the face of God? I suppose that could be one interpretation. Honestly, without the tetragrammaton there would be no creation. If God’s function is to create, then, at the very least, he would need the shape and function of the tetragrammatron to accomplish creation.

Where Did Knowledge of the Tetragrammaton Come From?

The timing of the discovery of the tetragrammaton is significant. All three cultures discovered it about the same time. But if they didn’t have any way of communicating with one another, how did they discover this information?

If you delve further into the stories of these ancient cultures, many will say knowledge of their discoveries came from “sky gods” or “visitors from the sky.” Many paintings and other depictions of God or Gods from that time period show them in clouds or in crafts or glowing objects in the sky. The discovery of the tetragrammaton coincides with the story of Daegons (later translated as Dragons). Daegons were sky gods that visited the Mayans, Egyptians, Jews, and Chinese. The stories about the Daegons claim they taught selected people all kinds of advanced medical, mathematical, and architectural concepts.

The Daegons were also said to have originated from Cirrus B, a small dwarf star near Cirrus.

It seems the answers as to where knowledge of the tetragrammaton came from is written right there in ancient historical texts! What amazes me is how information and stories like this are mostly not important to modern day people… What could be more important?

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