White Privilege in Home Ownership and Wages is REAL

White People Make More, Own More

Most Republicans will tell you that they don’t believe in white privilege. I have family members that laugh at me when I suggest that it’s true. But this week a report was released by Lending Tree on home ownership numbers. It found that there is a home ownership gap in every metro area across the US. This means that, with all other factors being equal, white people own more homes than all other minorities combined.

A Large Gap in Ownership

In total, white Americans make up 59% of the population but own 73% of the houses!  The gap was largest in the New York area we’re white people are 47% of the population but own 67% of the houses. The gap was smallest in Pittsburgh where it was about a 11% difference.   But it’s still 11%!

Logic would dictate that if white privilege didn’t exist, meaning that minorities had the same access to education and employment and had the same chances to get a loan, there wouldn’t be such a gap in home ownership. But there is.  So how can you possibly argue that race is not the main factor?

There is also white privilege in wages. According to the Pew Research Center white men, with the same level of education and experience, make an average of 25% more than their minority counterparts.  White women make 17% more!!!  Yes, it’s that much! Furthermore, white people with the same level of education and experience, are hired more often and promoted more often to leadership and management positions.

A Large Gap in Income

Another report came out this week that, under Trump, the income gap is increasing. This means that rich people are making more and poor people are making less. Ironically, the states that have seen the largest increase of the gap between rich and poor are Louisiana and Texas and other red states who overwhelming voted for Trump!

The richest top 3% of Americans are over 91% white. The bottom 10% are over 70% minority. White people are also most likely to own corporations, banks, and run universities. This certainly points to these white owners being biased in their hiring, paying and promoting practices.

Meanwhile, the middle class, which is the economic engine of this country, continues to shrink.  Trump’s solution?  Increase taxes on the middle class by taking away what they can claim as deductions!   As a small business owner, I’ve noticed this and it IS HURTING MY PROFITS.  And it’s not fair!

White people are also more likely to live in safer neighborhoods, eat higher quality foods, get access to better medical Care, and are less likely to be arrested or harassed.

White Privilege Dominates American Economics

The bottom line is white privilege is real. White people tend to live in better neighborhoods and eat better food and have better access to better healthcare. They are more likely to be hired, promoted, and make more money. And, yes, they are more likely to own a home!

I don’t know how you can look at all of these numbers and conclude that white privilege is not real. My theory is that the people who hold that opinion don’t ever look at the numbers. They don’t have to. Because they are white and privileged!!!

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