Love Beyond Death

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How many times would you die for the man you love?

That’s what Jaime and Dustin are about to find out. Travel back to 1969 and the infamous Stonewall riots. Dustin is brutally beaten to death by Officer Leon. Days later, Jaime dies too. But he doesn’t move on to the afterlife. Instead, he gets revenge!

Fast forward a generation when Jaime and Dustin are born again in the 1980s, but so is their killer! Will these three souls find peace this time? Or did Jaime and Dustin make a grave mistake in their previous life?

In this timeless story of the human heart, follow Jaime and Dustin as they struggle through time and generation to unravel their karma. Witness the power of true love as it burns in their hearts, empowers their souls, and brings them closer to peace and happiness one existence at a time.

While White Men Sleep

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About While White Men Sleep

When Mandy Jones was a little girl, white men blew up her mother with a cluster bomb. Little did they know that Mandy would grow up and start the biggest revolution in US history.

When President Trump is elected in 2016, Mandy makes her move. She joins the anti-Trump protests in downtown Portland, Oregon. Then she jumps in front of a news camera and speaks her mind loudly and clearly. Mandy’s words and emotions touch the hearts of millions of Americans. With one short, impassioned interview, the Oya Movement begins.

Named after the African goddess of revolution, Oya demands an end to racial injustice, the tyranny of rich white men, and the Military-Industrial Complex that subjugates so many poor people, of all races, in the US.

But as Oya’s targeted protests, kidnappings of prominent officials, and corporate boycotts mount, white nationalists in positions of power take notice. They won’t give up their money or power without a fight, and they control the military!

Mandy and Oya’s response could change society for good, finally. Or it could destroy the very fabric of American life and bring turmoil, deprivation, and unrest to everyone.

In this powerful and controversial novel, Alderin Ordell points an unwavering eye at the worst ills that ail our country. His characters drive to the heart of the societal issues that affect us all. While White Men Sleep is an edgy, contemporary call to action that keeps you guessing and mesmerized at the same time.



Must Read

Current, edgy, and controversial, this book will keep you glued to its pages! A necessary read that will leave you digging for the truth.

Putting politics aside, never have I read a book that has caused me to want to dig into conspiracy theories and recent American history more so than this one! This is a work of fiction; but, also factual. You’ll need to decide and discern for yourself what is real and noteworthy and what has been entirely contrived and made up.

“While White Men Sleep” is a brilliant concept. It’s current and hot and should be read now! A cautionary tale, or one (in part) you may want to see come true; what side of history will you find yourself on?

The voice of our current President, Donald Trump, is replicated well. When off-script, his disparaging words are cringe-worthy at best; and, when he stays on script, there’s a sense of calmness and hope that all good speeches bring. (Thank God for speech-writers!)

This book is so realistic that you could imagine it all happening now. It’s like a modern-day prophecy coming true before your eyes. It’s so spot-on, that nothing within its pages is too far-fetched to believe.

In fact, I believe you’ll find the storyline, messaging, and richness of events simply too good to rate this book as anything other than 5 stars. It’s well-deserving to become a book noted for its being “A Must Read!”

It’s controversial, realistic, edge-of-your-seat reading that will cause you to think deeply, ponder many a line of thought, and dig into recent history (and current happenings) like never before. A book that will make you feel, keep you engrossed, and leave you reeling and wanting more.