5 Star Reedsy Discovery Review


Must read ?

Current, edgy, and controversial, this book will keep you glued to its pages! A necessary read that will leave you digging for the truth.

Putting politics aside, never have I read a book that has caused me to want to dig into conspiracy theories and recent American history more so than this one! This is a work of fiction; but, also factual. You’ll need to decide and discern for yourself what is real and noteworthy and what has been entirely contrived and made up.

“While White Men Sleep” is a brilliant concept. It’s current and hot and should be read now! A cautionary tale, or one (in part) you may want to see come true; what side of history will you find yourself on?

The voice of our current President, Donald Trump, is replicated well. When off-script, his disparaging words are cringe-worthy at best; and, when he stays on script, there’s a sense of calmness and hope that all good speeches bring. (Thank God for speech-writers!)

This book is so realistic that you could imagine it all happening now. It’s like modern day prophecy coming true before your eyes. It’s so spot-on, that nothing within its pages is too far-fetched to believe.

The above all being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you the negative aspects of this read as well. The first half of this book has far fewer errors than the second half; but, there were enough typos, words missing from sentences, etc. as a whole that the errors almost caused me to give this book 4 stars instead of 5! A story-line of this caliber deserves to have had far better editing services rendered.

The aforementioned miss-steps are annoying and distracting; but, fortunately, don’t hold the story back from itself. In fact, I believe you’ll find the story-line, messaging, and richness of events simply too good to rate this book as anything other than 5 stars. It’s well-deserving to become a book noted for its being “A Must Read!”

It’s controversial, realistic, edge-of-your-seat reading that will cause you to think deeply, ponder many a line of thought, and dig into recent history (and current happenings) like never before. A book that will make you feel, keep you engrossed, and leave you reeling and wanting more.

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