Corporate America is Exploiting Prisoners

$8 For One Minute on the Phone!


Would you pay $8 for a minute for a phone call? Would you eat low quality food from a kitchen infested with maggots in it? If you’re an American prisoner, you have no choice. American corporations have come in and monopolized everything from phone calls to food to clothing and everything in between.   They are raking in extreme profits at the expense of prisoners and their families.

A Nation Full of Prisoners and Soulless Corporations

Because Reagan and Bill Clinton enacted so many policies to put people in prison, America now has the largest prison population in the world. In fact, it has so many prisoners that it struggles to take care of them. American corporations have stepped in and not because they’re good people looking to help out. They are charging as much as they can for anything they can to the tune of 85 billion dollars a year!

Exploiting Phones

The two American corporations that have monopolized the prison phone system are Secarus and GTL. They control about 80% of all calls. They charge prisoners a fee for opening a phone account, closing a phone account, modifying a phone account, and as much as $8 a minute to use their phone account! This is the only way prisoners can talk to their families!

Exploiting Medical Coverage

the biggest American corporation that provides medical services to prisoners is Corizon Health. They operate in 220 prisons across the US. They are owned by a New York City hedge fund and are paid $15.16 per prisoner per day. Of course they cut corners and have all kinds of surcharges and up charges for the services they provide. They are akin to the crappiest health insurance company at a premium insurance price and prisoners have no choice but to use them.

Exploiting Food


Aramark and Trinity services provide the food in 800 prisons across the USA. In several lawsuits they have been accused of maggots in the kitchen, food shortages, rotten food, and charge a whopping 150 million dollars per prison for their services!

Exploiting Transportation

Prisoner Transportation Services is the largest prisoner transportation corporation. They charge a minimum of $350 per ride !  Then they charge an additional $1.05 per minute. Plus, 14 women have sued them for being sexually assaulted while they were transported!

More Exploitation

Toiletries and cell furniture also areas where American corporations have stepped in to exploit prisoners. The bottom line is these corporations are charging outrageous amounts for essential services with very little oversight.

There should be no private prisons and no private companies providing services for these prisons. Incarcerated people are there to do their time and repay their debt to society, not to be exploited so greedy corporations can make more money.

American corporations are soulless. They only exist to increase their profits and increase the value of their company so that their shareholders make money. It is time for America to destroy the American corporation as we know it and bring back the humanity in our commerce system.  Let’s start by freeing our prisoners from corporate American financial slavery.

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