The Exploitation of Low IQ Americans for Political Gain

Low IQ Characteristics Make them Vulnerable

A new meta-analysis of 82 different studies shows a strong correlation between low intelligence and religiosity. This means that the lower the IQ of the individual, the more likely they are to be religious. The other striking characteristics associated with people who have a low IQ are a fear of change and difficulties evaluating new information. Because of these characteristics, Americans with a low IQ are often taken advantage. This has become a HUGE problem for our country.

What is IQ?

IQ is a total score derived from several standardized tests that are created to measure human intelligence. Intelligence is defined as a mental quality that consists of the ability to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment.

Notice that IQ does not assess capability or even knowledge. People can be book-smart or capable of accomplishing great feats regardless of their intelligence. You can be a great painter, great quarterback, great machinist, great gardener, and be great at many other tasks without possessing a high IQ. IQ also does not measure the worth of an individual. Having said that, I’m not writing this article to bash people of low intelligence but rather to draw attention to how Americans with low IQ are being exploited for political reasons.

The Downfalls of Low IQ

People with low IQ struggle with analyzing new information. To deal with the struggle, they often look to authority figures that they trust to interpret the information for them. This is why people with low IQ are more likely to be religious. It is also why people with low IQ subscribe to the same political party and support that party without fail regardless of the circumstances (i.e. voting for a sociopath like Donald Trump).

Another area that people with low IQ struggle with is rigidity. They are locked into their beliefs, not just political, but also on virtually everything else. Their religion doesn’t change. Neither does their family structure, diet, exercise routine, football team they root for, etc. They believe that they already have the answers and aren’t seeking new information.

A third and very troubling aspect of low intelligence is suspicion of strangers especially if the strangers don’t look and act like they do. This fear has to do with their inability to analyze new information. This makes people with low IQ susceptible to racism, homophobia and other forms of hatred.

The last characteristic of low intelligence that I want to talk about is that they tend to be quickly overwhelmed. When they are overwhelmed, their response is typically to run or to fight. In other words, new information and complicated situations make them angry or make them want to run away.

How Low IQ Americans are Exploited

You can see that the above characteristics make people of low IQ vulnerable to exploitation. The way I see it, the first step to control them is to label them and get them to buy in to those labels. Typically, these labels are Christian, conservative and Republican. The purpose of these labels is to group low intelligence Americans together.

Now that you have them labeled and grouped, the next step is to present believable authority figures. That’s where the friendly reverends and politicians come in. Of course those reverends and politicians look and sound alike — usually white, older, male, and with a least a hint of a Southern draw (Ted Cruz) or at least a very fatherly and assured voice (Ronald Reagan).

Next, the friendly white authority figures repeat the same message like Mexicans are coming for your jobs, Democrats are coming for your guns, Muslims are terrorists, etc. These authority figures use manipulation and fear to push these lies on low intelligence Americans. And with the grouping in place and the rapport built, low IQ Americans believe what they are told and vote accordingly.

That is the main reason why a sociopath like Donald Trump was elected president. It didn’t matter how many lies he told, how many lawsuits were filed against him, or how many women accused him of rape… People of low intelligence voted for Donald Trump because they were already branded on his labels of Republican, Christian, and conservative.

The Conservative Manipulation Machine

There is an whole machine in place to keep conservative branding strong and keep low IQ Americans controllable. It starts with conservative think tanks and those agendas are spread through conservative news networks, social media groups and websites. This creates a flow of conservative misinformation and interpretation that drowns out the truth.

Since low intelligence Americans have a hard time interpreting new information, they don’t challenge this system. They believe that they are doing the right thing!

To destroy this conservative manipulation machine, we have got to fight the branding, create believable authority figures, and take back the media. People with low IQ are being tricked into supporting a very evil military industrial complex. But they are not evil people! If we appeal to their goodness and their heart, we can show them a better way.

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