Tired, Poor and Huddled Masses Yearning to Be Free

If you drive to the Northeast part of Portland you will see a lot of people who are not winning capitalism. They are hungry, often strung out on drugs, many times lacking shelter, depressed, and desperate. Most Republicans are okay with this. They repeatedly vote against measures to provide shelter, food, drug rehabilitation, etc for these people. But I’m not okay with it! It’s inhuman to let some people suffer on the streets while others, on the west side of town, live in mansions.

The Dominance of the White Ruling Class

Our country is not about survival of the fittest. It’s about the excesses and dominance of the white, privileged class and their policies to repress minorities. Survival of the fittest implies that, at some point, everyone starts out equal. Then where they end up in life is fully their responsibility. But in the US, where 41.5 million people live in poverty, most people are born without a chance at all!

Terrible Infrastructure and Resources Creates Terrible Results

In the Northeast part of Portland where people are struggling the most, you’ll also find the worst schools. Overcrowded, dated, and with a lesser quality of teacher because no teacher wants to work there. Technology is not up to date. Kids are not engaged. Many sports and music programs have been cut. The result? Poor test scores and a high drop out rate.

You’ll also find less access to quality food. There’s an abundance of fast food restaurants and quickie marts, but very few farmers markets or other places to eat whole foods. People are not getting the nutrients they need for a healthy mind and body. So, of course their behavior suffers as a result.

In NE Portland you’ll also find fewer police resources and an abundance of gang activity. This gang activity often targets vulnerable youth and recruits them into lifestyles of crime and substance abuse.

There is also a lack of familial support for children. Parents there have to work longer hours to provide the basics and they often have to work it places like Walmart or other corporate chain stores where they don’t earn a working wage. So, to compensate for a lack of a decent pay, they work more hours. This makes them exhausted, often distant from their children, and their children suffer because of this. Studies show that parents who spend more time with their children and invest themselves in their children raise healthier and more successful children. Poor children or not given this chance.

The bottom line is that terrible infrastructure, pay, and a lack of resources creates unhealthy individuals and terrible behavior. Unfortunately, NE Portland is not unique. There are poor and struggling parts of every town and city across the US. About 21% of black people live in poverty. 18% Hispanic. 10% senior citizens.


One reason for the existence of these poor and suffering areas is that foreclosures, repossessions and bankruptcies are built into the financials of America’s Banks. Meaning, as part of the fractal reserve banking system, there has to be foreclosures and repossessions for the books to balance. Since the banks are owned and operated mostly by white people, it’s minorities that take the bulk of these losses.

It’s also more difficult for a minority to qualify for a loan, get a promotion, or be able to attend college and get a degree. This white economic power system is designed to keep poor minorities in their place while also protecting the white middle and upper-classes.

Capitalism has become a tool for white people to repress minorities. Old, rich, conservative white people have created the system and are in the most positions of power within the system. Until that changes, minorities will continue to suffer.


In my opinion, it is time to boycott capitalism. It’s time for us to come together and create shared resource communities where we can take care of one another without having to be in competition with each other. Imagine a place where you can go and be guaranteed shelter, food, medical Care, child Care, and everything that you need for a happy life as long as you are contributing your fair share to the community. Everyone works equally, everyone gets taken care of. That’s the beauty of a shared resource community.

Let’s end the suffering created by capitalism. It’s time to destroy the white power economic system. Boycott capitalism and let’s start some shared resource communities.

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