Defund Congress NOW!

Worst Congress EVER!

It’s not just the police that need to be defunded. Our current Congress is the worst ever. They don’t care about black lives, transgenders lives, or any other life in this country. They only care about themselves. What’s worse is most can’t be removed from office because of gerrymandering. So, what’s the solution? Defund them!

Lazy, Indulgent and Abusive: Meet Your Congressman

The current Congress has only worked 850 hours this session, significantly less any other Congress. Because of this, they have passed the least amount of new laws and nothing significant. For perspective, the average American works 2200 hours a year.

Instead of working, Congress has spent 21.2 million dollars to pay for 16,367 overseas trips. They are not visiting war-torn countries to give important speeches. Instead, they are visiting Germany, Ireland, England, and staying in fancy hotels and eating expensive food all on our dime.

Even Donald Trump jr. Used taxpayers money to take an expensive trip. He’s not even a member of Congress! He spent $75,000 to pay for secret service while he hunted a rare white goat. Yes, this actually happened!

Congress Uses YOUR Money to Payoff Their Accusers

When our Congress isn’t traveling and indulging themselves with taxpayers money, they’re using our money to settle lawsuits against themselves. When the #metoo movement kicked into full steam, many congressmen, mostly Republicans, we’re sued for sexual harassment and abuse. Instead of using their own money to defend themselves, or quitting, they instead spent 18 million dollars of a congressional settlement fund to settle these lawsuits. In other words, we paid for them to pay off their accusers!

The bottom line is our congressmen don’t work, don’t pass meaningful legislation, indulge themselves and waste taxpayers money. And we can’t even remove them from office because gerrymandering has made it so they get re-elected without challenge.

The solution?  It is time to #defundcongress !  Simply put, we should withhold paying our Federal taxes until the current fat is trimmed.  A non-partisan board should be put in place to evaluate every single Congressman. Those who are abusive and lazy need to be removed IMMEDIATELY with replacement elections soon to follow.

Sick and Tired of the Waste

I don’t know about you but I work very hard for my money.  I’m tired of it being wasted.  And I’m tired of being told I live in a democracy when the people who represent me are corrupt and can’t be removed from office.

Yes, we need to defund the police because police departments were born out of slave catching organizations and are thus rooted in racism.  Until the police are defunded, and a citizen’s peace keeping force is put in their place, the racism, abuse and murder will never stop.  But the police are not the only corrupt system.  In my opinion, this country needs sweeping reform and the best place to start is the top with those elected to represent us.  They must be held accountable!!!

Defund Congress!

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