Debt as a Tool for Repression

“John Adams said there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by slavery and the other is by debt. Right now we are a country, and soon to be world, totally enslaved by debt that we owe to white people.  You may think that you work for a phone company, or hospital, as a nurse, teacher, or fire fighter, but the truth is we all work for the banks that the white people control.”

Panama, Ecuador, and Iraq to force loans on those countries.  Once accepted, the money from those loans is given to US corporations for the purpose of building ports and other non-essential projects that only benefit the very wealthy of those countries.
“Meanwhile, the rest of that country is burdened with enormous debt.  As a result, education levels go down, wages go down, crime goes up, the middle class shrivels while the amount of poor doubles and even triples, leading to widespread hunger, disease, and death.
“In most cases, the country defaults on their loan, and Mr. Jayden comes back to refinance.  He demands even higher interest rates. He demands that these countries sell their assets to more US corporations for a fraction of what they’re worth.  Anything of value is sold like cotton, coal, natural gas, and fossil fuels.  Even utility companies, prisons and schools are sold!  As you can imagine this causes total economic devastation, leaving the victimized country so poor they can’t even purchase the products made in their own country!”
Mandy paused for effect. Michael looked away like he would not dignify anything more of what Mandy said with a response. Mandy raised her voice.  “It gets worse, so much worse…  If the leader of the targeted country does not accept the loan being offered, men like Michael help to arrange a coup or assassination using CIA jackals.  This is what happened during the first war in Iraq.  If the leader somehow survives, the US military is sent in to force the leadership change and force the loan, which is what happened during the second Iraq war.
“Because of this racist white financial system, 1% of the world controls 40% of the world’s wealth while 50% of the world population lives on less than $2 a day.”
Mandy squeezed Michael’s cheeks causing him to jerk back and flash a murderous look.  “34,000 children a day die from lack of resources and preventable diseases because of Mr. Jayden.  He is an instrument in a white economic slavery system. Debt is the weapon he uses to control and conquer societies and interest is his ammunition.”
Mandy slapped him across the face.
“Abraham Lincoln was a hero of mine.  Not just because he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation but because he dissolved the central US bank and created the Greenback, currency that was totally debt free, backed by real US assets like gold.  A new central bank was created after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
“In 1835, Andrew Jackson shut down the First Central Bank with a return to Lincoln’s policies. But in 1913 ,they created a new one, the Federal Reserve, which is still with us today.
“What if I told you that every dollar that is lent to these countries like Iraq, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Panama in this white economic slavery system doesn’t even exist?  It’s not real money.  It has no value because it is not backed by anything real.  The money that is lent is literally created the very second the loan is created.  That is the essence of the fractional reserve system created by the Federal Reserve.
“The Federal Reserve is a private bank.  Every time the US government wants to add money to the US economy, the Federal Reserve issues promissory notes for the amount requested, which the US government uses to create dollars that is deposited into a network of commercial banks. The banks, upon receiving this money, are required to deposit 10% into their holdings.  After they have met that requirement, they are free to create money out of thin air!
“That means that If someone wants a loan for a house, that money does not exist until the loan documents are signed.  It’s the demand for money that creates the money.  As long as the 10% requirement is met, the bank can continue to create and loan money whenever there is demand.
“How does the new money get value?  It borrows it from the value of existing dollars!  In other words, every time a new loan is made, the money in our bank account loses value.  It is a hidden tax on all of us.  It‘s called inflation.
“Since 1913, there has been a 96% devaluation of the dollar under the Federal Reserve’s fractional reserve system. The money supply chart and the US debt chart are virtually identical!
“Now here’s where it gets truly evil.  Because of interest, the amount of money owed back to the banks will always be more than the money supply in the US. To account for this, bankruptcies and foreclosures are built into the system to cover the fact that there is not any money in the US economy to pay the interest owed to the Federal Reserve. That means there will always be people defaulting on their loans, losing their cars, their homes, and their businesses.  There will always be poor pockets of society.
“Let me say that again.  There are poor people, poor black people, in shitty neighborhoods and schools working shitty jobs and losing their homes because of this Fractional Reserve System.  White people can’t put chains around our necks anymore but they can devalue the dollars bills in our pockets! This forces us to keep borrowing their money, which makes our dollars even weaker!  Minorities, children and women are the blood sacrifice that keeps the system going!

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