Fluoride as Environmental Racism

Fluoride: Toxic and Deadly

For my entire life I have believed that fluoride is something that is added to toothpaste, mouthwash and our tap water to make our teeth stronger. But that is not the case. Did you know that in terms of toxicity fluoride is more toxic than lead?  It’s only slightly less toxic than arsenic.   Also, did you know that millions of people are suffering from crippling bone diseases right now due to fluoride? It even deteriorates your teeth and turns them yellow!

So what is fluoride and why is it everywhere? Why is there heavier concentrations of fluoride in inner cities and where there are larger populations of minorities and the poor? And why have we been told it is healthy for us?

The Fluoride Story We’ve Been Told

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. Currently, fluoride is in green tea, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental gels, tap water, teflon coated pans, bottled water, and anything else made with water. We’ve been told that it helps to remineralize the enamel of our teeth and rebuild them to protect against the acidity of the food we eat and the beverages we drink.

In the 1950’s, in what was marketed as a revolution in dentistry and preventative healthcare,  we were told that our government would start adding fluoride to our tap water to prevent tooth decay and oral diseases.

The fact is there have been no studies proving that adding fluoride to our drinking water prevents tooth decay or oral diseases.  None.  Drinking fluoride in water and applying just the right amount of fluoride directly to our teeth and letting it sit there are two completely different actions.  So why would our government approve adding a drug to our drinking water without our consent when there were no studies proving its safety and effectiveness?  And why,  in the 1950’s, was this a priority for them?

The Myth of the Omni-Benevolent American Government

A common myth is that our government is omni-benevolent meaning that they are always looking for ways to improve our lives and our health. But in the 1950’s there wasn’t even a clean air act, a clean water act, an automobile safety act, or many of the other protections that our government now has in place.  All those acts came in the 1970’s and most of them were the result of Ralph Nader and his army of college students who petitioned Congress and lead a safety and health revolution.   Before those acts, cars were flipping over and killing people, children were choking to death from smog in cities, tap water wasn’t safe to drink for everyone.  But our government insisted on adding fluoride to it!

Doesn’t that seems strange to you? Of all the health issues that our government could have taken on, they were most worried about tooth decay and oral disease.

I don’t buy it.

There is another, much darker side, to fluoride that may explain their motivations better.  Fluoride is a hardening agent.  If the right amount is applied to our teeth, it can harden our teeth.  But if we drink fluoride, it can harden our internal organs, our glands, and even our brain.   Fluoride in our brain lowers IQ and pacifies us.  There have now been 53 studies done that correlate fluoride intake with lower IQ. In the developing brain of a child, fluoride is a significant risk! And that’s just the beginning of the negative side effects!

Health effects of Fluoride Consumption

Fluorisis is a condition of being over-fluoridated.  Many think that fluoride only has side effects if you consume too much of it but this is wrong.  Fluoride can cause arthritic symptoms and bone fractures well before the onset of fluorosis.  It can also affect many other tissues besides bone and teeth, including the brain and thyroid gland.

Here is a list of some of the side effects of consuming fluoride:


* Bone fractures

* Brain effects including lower IQ



*Endocrine Disruption

*Gastrointestinal Effects


*Kidney Disease

*Decrease in Male Fertility

*Disruption of Pineal Gland

*Skeletal Fluorosis

*Thyroid Disease

*Acute Toxicity

The list goes on and on.  Also, a small percentage of people are highly sensitive to fluoride where even a small dosage can cause severe problems for them.

All of these side-effects have been well studied and documented.  The EPA headquarters in Washington DC concluded that fluoridating tap water is an unreasonable health risk. So why is fluoride still in our water? Racism, that’s why!

Fluoridation as Environmental Racism

In the 1950’s over half of the members of Congress had ties to the Klu Klux Klan!  That’s when fluoride was added to drinking water.  But they didn’t add it equally to drinking water all over the country.  They concentrated their efforts on inner-cities and other poor communities where there is the highest concentration of African Americans and other minorities.  This still holds true today.

Here are the reasons why I believe adding fluoride to drinking water is an act of environmental racism with the specific agenda of dumbing down and harming black people and other minorities (you can read more at www.actionpa.org) .

1: Urban drinking water systems are more likely to be fluoridated than suburban and rural water systems, affecting blacks and Hispanics more than whites.

2: Commonly used fluoridation chemicals cause increased absorption of lead, and this lead-absorbing effect is more pronounced in black & Hispanic populations (which are already over-exposed to lead). This increased lead exposure is connected to increases in learning disorders, violent behavior and affinity for cocaine addiction.

3: Studies have found that in fluoridated communities, African-American children are at greater risk for dental fluorosis (discolored teeth from damaged tooth enamel caused by fluoride exposure).

4: A blue ribbon panel of scientists has identified kidney patients and diabetics as being especially susceptible to harm from ingested fluorides. Blacks suffer disproportionate amounts of kidney disease and diabetes in America.

5: The American Dental Association and the CDC are now recommending that parents of newborns avoid using fluoridated water when mixing infant milk formula for their babies — but they offer no outreach to tell parents this information, and no funds to pay for minority and other low-income families to purchase other sources of water. (more…)

6: A potential link between water fluoridation and preterm births has been shown to be most prominent among the poor and people of color.

The fact that no action has been taken to remove or reduce fluoride in our water PROVES that racism is still alive and strong in our government.  That means we cannot count on them to keep Americans safe.  There are water filters you can purchase that remove fluoride.  You should also avoid teflon pans, green tea, and fluoride dental products at all costs.

It boggles my mind to think of all the African American people suffering right now from diabetes, arthritis, learning disorders, kidney disease, drug addiction and more.  Or how many are in jail right now because of violent behavior or drug charges.  The common stereotype is that all of this is genetically based.  I think many African Americans have even accepted that opinion.  But the truth is the American government is poisoning African American people and other minorities with fluoride.  So, please, do everything you can to protect yourself and your family.

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