Republicans Cheat to Get Power: The Evil Plot of Gerrymandering

Put a Box Around Your Supporters and DON’T LET THEM OUT!!!

Did you know that if it weren’t for gerrymandering the Republicans wouldn’t have much power? It’s true. Democrats would win around 60% of all races and always have control of the Presidency, Congress, and the Senate. The way that Republicans get power is called gerrymandering. This is where they draw up district lines so that those districts only contain their supporters. This ensures that any races for political power in those districts aren’t competitive, totally defeating the will of the American voters!

An Evil Idea Constantly Repeated

It all started in 1812 when the governor of Massachusetts named Eldbridge Gerry changed all the districts in his state so that they encompassed only his Republican supporters. His redistricting looked like a salamander so they called his effort gerrymandering.

Since then, gerrymandering has been the priority for the Republican party, especially in the South. Democrats also do it but the Republicans are much more successful at it. The result of both party’s efforts is that only about 60 of the 435 seats in Congress are in districts considered competitive. Another 40 lean one way or the other. The other 335 seats always go to one party or the other.

In those 335 districts, it doesn’t matter who runs for the Democrats or the Republicans. The seat will always go to the party that drew up that district!

This isn’t democracy. This is cheating! And it subverts the will of the voters!

Branded, Tarred and Feathered!

Once the Republicans have put you in a box, their next strategy is to keep you brand-loyal. This involves buying and controlling all the media in those districts; the newspapers, magazines, and television. It’s far more than just Fox news, it’s also the ads that pop-up when you browse the internet, the billboards you see when you drive down the road, the radio stations you listen to, etc. THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING.

They make sure that you hear ONLY their talking points on every issue, straight from their conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. These talking points spin, deflect, exaggerate and distort the truth so that the Republicans look good and the Democrats look bad.

They also intentionally under-fund their schools. They don’t want an educated base. You are much more likely to find Christian schools and colleges in these districts that are partisan, discriminatory and emphasize the white, middle class American at the expense of everyone else.

If you are born in such a district, the brain-washing starts the moment you are born and you have little chance of developing the ability to think for yourself and break free from the evil clutches of the Republican party. You are, after all, their most valuable asset. They invest everything in you to make sure you are nothing more than a lemur who will stay in line and jump off a cliff if you’re asked to.

The Reason Why Republicans Shouldn’t Be Relevant

In the last 30 years the majority of our country has become more liberal and leaning to the left. There has been a mass Exodus from Christianity. Meanwhile, most people have gained more access to technology and information. Studies have proven that the more educated the individual, the more likely they are to support Democrats over Republicans.

In fact, if it weren’t for the Electoral College system that gives more value to conservative Republican voters in rural states, we wouldn’t have had a Republican president since Bush 1 twenty years ago! When Bush 2 and Trump won, they did so without achieving a majority of votes!

After Obama was elected in 2008, the Democrats had the presidency and Congress. So in 2010, the Republicans double-downed their efforts to re-district. They used all the latest technology to sure up their districts and take the competition out of other districts so that they could win during the midterms. It was the ONLY way they could win. Then they spent the next two years perfecting the art of Congressional Obstructionism, blocking Obama’s agenda at every turn.

The truth is, if you were to break down these altered districts and assign the voters randomly, the Republicans would lose most of their power. Again, Americans are more liberal than conservative! If the American will is followed, Republicans would have very little power.

Eliminate Gerrymandering

It’s time to eliminate gerrymandering. It’s time to eliminate the Electoral College system. The voice of the American people deserves to be heard and represented!

Right now, we do not have a democracy. If we don’t take action now, more Trumps will be elected, the military industrial complex will get stronger and stronger, and soon our entire country will be destroyed.

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