No Stimulus Checks for Most Poor, Minority Americans

Stimulus Checks Aren’t Going to Where They’re Needed Most

As I have detailed before, the 2 trillion dollar Economic Stimulus Act is full of problems. The biggest problem is that it’s sending hundreds of billions of dollars to banks and corporations that will line the pocketbooks of their shareholders. Just this week Trump removed the watchdog group from overseeing the movement of the all that money. But beyond the cronyism, it is also incredibly racist.  Many very deserving American’s aren’t getting stimulus checks!

4% of Americans Get NOTHING!

You have to have a social security number to qualify for a stimulus check. That immediately eliminates 4% of the poorest Americans from getting any financial help. These 4% are mostly Hispanic workers and women, the majority of which can barely afford food for their families. Ironically, they are also very likely to be deemed “essential workers” meaning they can’t quit their jobs.
39% of food production workers are Hispanic. So are 29% of postal workers and 30% of custodians. They can’t quit to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. But the government isn’t helping them with stimulus checks!

Been to Prison? No Stimulus Check for You!

You also won’t get any stimulus money if you are a felon. Felon is one of those terms that stays with you for your entire life even after you have done your time. For example, you might be a felon who did your time 20 years ago and has since started a legal small business and haven’t committed any crimes since. But you won’t see a dime from this Economic Stimulus Act! Your business also won’t qualify for any emergency loans.

Elderly or a Student? You Also Won’t Get Money

If you are claimed by anyone, you won’t see any money, either. That eliminates a lot of disabled and elderly Americans. It also eliminates any students who are claimed by their parents, even if they are working and paying their taxes!

None of this makes any sense. If the point of the Economic Stimulus Act is to stimulate the economy, why are the poorest Americans not qualifying? If you think about it, they will spend the money right away. They need food, medical care, and other supplies.

On the other hand, someone who makes $70,000 a year is going to receive $1,200 plus $500 for each of their kids. They don’t need it! They have healthcare and most likely an emergency fund saved up. They will probably invest their stimulus check somewhere and it will never stimulate the economy.

Poor People Should Get the Most Money

To really stimulate the economy, the poor should be given the majority of the stimulus money. They will go out and purchase from local businesses immediately. But the point of this Economic Stimulus Act isn’t to stimulate the economy. As I’ve stated before, it is to line the pocketbooks of shareholders and to fuel the Military-Industrial Complex.

It is such a shame that our government is full of cronyism and racism. But the legacy of the coronavirus might be that it has been a magnifying glass to all of this corruption. Now it’s time for the rest of us to do something about it.

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