COVID-19 is Killing WAY More Black People Than White

Black People Are Already Weakened by a Racist Healthcare System

COVID-19 is killing far more black people than white people in the United States. In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin black people make up 81% of the COVID-19 deaths BUT they only account for 24% of the total population! In Michigan, black people only make up 14% of the population but account for 40% of the deaths. In Louisiana, 40% of the state’s coronavirus deaths have come from one small area of the state, Orleans parish, which is mostly black people.

The same situation is happening in Illinois and North Carolina and as more data is released, this trend will most likely continue across the United States. So why are black people getting the coronavirus more and dying more than white people?

Healthcare Discrimination KILLS

The short answer is racism in the healthcare system. Don’t believe me? Last summer Milwaukee declared racism as one of the biggest health hurdles that their black residents faced.

Specifically, black people don’t have the same access to healthcare as white people. And this has been happening for a very long time. The result of black people not getting proper healthcare is that many of them are already sick. They have diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions prior to getting the coronavirus. So when they do get the coronavirus, they are in trouble.

Compounding this problem is the fact that black people are struggling get medical care after getting the coronavirus. They are chronically poor or uninsured and don’t have a doctor to call to report symptoms. Because of this, many don’t go to an emergency room until it is way too late!

Black Parts of the Country DENIED COVID-19 Testing

But there’s more. Under Trump’s leadership, black parts of the country have been flat out denied coronavirus testing. Milwaukee, Wisconsin was suspicious that the coronavirus had infiltrated their city and asked the federal government for testing kits. They were told no! The feds said that testing was only being offered to people who had recently traveled to China, Iran, Italy or had been in contact with someone who had.

Of course, this wasn’t true! White people and rich people were already getting tested all over the country. All they had to do is show symptoms of the disease and make a call to their doctor. They were given the test!

Milwaukee didn’t end up getting any test kits until two weeks after they requested them. By the time they got the tests, it was too late! The virus DEVASTATED the black community there. The same situation repeated in black communities across the US. Now tens of thousands of black people have died all across the country!

COVID-19: An Attack on Black People

If you read my last blog post, you already know that I think that the coronavirus was intentionally let into this country for the purpose of passing the 2 TRILLION DOLLAR Economic Stimulus Act that dumped billions of dollars into the Military Industrial Complex.

Now there appears to be a secondary motivation to letting the virus in: killing black people.

Yeah, I said it.  Let’s not forget that most the people who are currently in charge of our country are white nationalists. They are also rich. So it makes sense for them to come up with a plan where they get richer and black people get sick and die.

The best thing that we can do right now as a community is to donate money and supplies to the communities that are under-served. It’s not just black people that are being discriminated against. Hispanic people, especially those who are undocumented, are being totally ignored.  They don’t get anything from the stimulus plan and if they report symptoms, ICE is waiting to deport them!

The coronavirus is a devastating virus that will probably end up killing close to half a million Americans. But its legacy will be exposing the greed and racism of our leaders.  OUR legacy will be what we do RIGHT NOW to hold our leaders accountable.

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