Trump is PROOF that Karma Isn’t Real

No Magical Universal Laws, Just People and Societies

Karma is the belief that what you set in motion will come back to you. The idea is that if you are a good person that does good deeds, goodness will come back to you. If you’re bad, the universe will get even with you. Throughout my life, I’ve believed in karma. But now I don’t. The reason: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Blew Up the Theory of Karma

In business, Donald Trump has been sued over 3500 times for bad deals. He repeatedly does not hold up his end of contracts. He doesn’t pay workers what they’re owed. He doesn’t pay on purchase orders. He cuts corners, lies, cheats and gets away with anything he can to increase his profits.

As a person, Donald Trump is a Playboy who has been victimizing women throughout his life. Despite being married, Donald Trump has been linked to various extramarital affairs. Some of those women have accused him of abuse and even rape.

As President, Donald Trump has worked to appease the radical right by torturing children. He locks up illegal immigrant children in camps not fit for livestock. Eight of those children have now died in those camps. Thousands more have been lost in the system without any chance of being reunited with their parents, many sold to prostitution rings or as slaves.

Environmentally, Trump has rolled back environmental regulations in order to increase corporate profits. Socially, he has rolled back protections for transgendered, gay, and any other alternative sexuality in the workplace. Now, transgender suicides are at an all-time high.

Financially, women and minorities are making less under Trump. Meanwhile, his tax cuts have made the top 1% of our country richer than the rest of the other 99%!

Karma Would Have Ripped Trump Apart

My point is virtually everything Trump has done in his life has been bad. If karma were real, and all of Trump’s actions resulted in him setting in motion bad energy that manifested as punishment in his life, Trump probably wouldn’t even be alive today. If he was, he would be poor, repeatedly sexually abused and locked up in some hole-in-the-wall-prison. Or maybe he would have been sold as a slave.

But instead Donald Trump is President of the United States. As such he has an entourage of people who prepare any food that he wants, dresses him, and follows any orders that he gives them. He golfs three to five times a week at posh resorts using taxpayer money. He flies on the fanciest of airplanes wherever he goes.

He is 73 years old and despite a diet which many described as not having a single vegetable, he maintains decent health. He also has the support of nearly half of our country for re-election.

My conclusion: Donald Trump is proof that karma is not real.

Good People Don’t Get Rewarded, Either

What about the people who devote their lives to helping others? Does karma manifest good things in their lives. No. Most struggle financially. Many can’t pay the rent, can’t afford decent food, and live paycheck to paycheck. I’ve also seen many good people get sick with horrible diseases like cancer. These diseases don’t discriminate between good and bad people!

Bottom line, there does not appear to be any universal reward for being good. Good people should be healthier. They should live comfortably. But they don’t!

Our society doesn’t care about good people, either. It only rewards money, status, and fame. A social worker is hit by a car and dies. Nobody notices. Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter accident and 40,000 people show up at his funeral. American values are truly messed up.

No Magical Laws That Govern Us

There isn’t karma, dharma, or any God watching over us to reward the good and punish the evil. It’s just people and society. If you want good people, you have to create a society that rewards good behavior and fairly punishes the bad. That means capitalism has to go. That means that crimes, even committed by really rich people like Donald Trump, must be punished.

There needs to be an societal incentive system where people can earn serious rewards and acclaim for helping others.

There also needs to be consistent punishment for crimes and a system that treats mental health before mentally ill people commit crimes. By the way, Donald Trump is most likely a sociopath. If our society we’re set up correctly, he would never be in a position of power. He would be in mental health services.

So, I don’t believe in karma. But I do believe that people can set up a much better society than what we currently have. Let’s get rid of our silly superstitions and religions and work together to build something better.

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